Dog-Safe Thanksgiving Feasting

Happy Thanksgiving! As a service to our clients, we’re sharing important reminders to keep your pets safe during the holiday season: 

Hold the turkey.  Don’t share the feast with your pet. Before the meal begins, remind guests not to slip leftovers to your dog. Holiday table food can make your dog sick. Turkey bones are especially dangerous for dogs because they can cause choking or internal puncture wounds. Even “healthy” holiday dishes, like vegetable casseroles can cause stomach upset in dogs. 

Gourmet Garbage.  When table scraps are in the mix, your kitchen garbage smells like a buffet table to your dog. Secure trash with a lid or keep it on the counter, above snout level, until you can tie up the bag and dispose of it safely. 

Who Let the Dogs Out?  As guests come and go, pets can get lost during holiday parties. If you’re hosting, consider boarding your pet overnight, keeping him crated during party hours, or letting him stay with a trusted friend (…unless that friend is also coming to your party!). If you haven’t had your vet implant a microchip, this is a good time to do it. Remember, too, that noisy parties can be overwhelming for your pet — and guests with allergies may not always welcome a dog in their midst. 

Coffee Table Candles?  Just say no. Wagging tails and fire do not mix. Think twice before you place a lit candle on any surface at dog height. Sniffing noses can get singed, too. Do your dog a favor and limit candles to the mantle or dining room table. 

Plant Poisons.  Before you haul out the holly, remember that holly, mistletoe, and poinsettia plants are poisonous to dogs. Keep them out of snouts’ reach and spread the word to family members about this danger. 

Stick to the Schedule.  Your dogs count on regular walks and meal-times. (And you might want to walk off that extra serving of pie, yourself.) Maintaining a consistent schedule during holidays will keep pets calm and happy.

Water Only.  Never, ever give your dog alcohol. We hope this one goes without saying but the AKC lists it on their website and it bears repeating.