Cold-Weather Grooming Tips

Nippy weather brings its own set of dog-grooming reminders, especially important during this season of icy sidewalks and muddy dog parks:

Paw-Pad Care: The dark skin-pads on your dog’s paws can become dry and cracked during the winter months, especially when exposed to salt or de-icing agents on snowy sidewalks. A moisturizing product like Espree Natural Paw Balm will keep pads supple in extreme weather and prevent cracking. Trim any feathery fur between paw-pads to keep crevices clear of irritants.

A Warm Bath:  A good cleanup is essential after a snowy/muddy romp outside. Keep towels by the door for wipe-downs before you enter the house. And don’t skip the bath, even in cold weather. Use a gentle shampoo formulated for dogs and be sure skin and fur is thoroughly dry before your dog goes outside again.

Pedicure x 4: Your dog’s toenails should not touch the floor, so plan to trim them once every three to four weeks using a trimmer designed especially for a dog’s oval-shaped nails. Take extra care to avoid clipping the quick, the dark blood vessel that supplies the nail—it’s painful when clipped and will bleed. When nails are light in color, the quick is easy to spot. In breeds with dark nails, it’s more difficult to find the cut line. If you’re unsure, let us handle routine grooming during daycare or boarding visits to DogServices.

Brush-Up:  A good brushing distributes oils evenly and helps moisturize skin. In thick-coated dogs, it also helps refresh undercoat growth, which helps regulate their temperature in cold weather.

We are happy to offer dog bathing and nail clipping at all DogServices locations. You can book these services online when you make your boarding or day-care reservation. We look forward to seeing you and your dog soon!