Meet the Dog Food Advisor

Dog owners looking for reliable advice about dog food and nutrition will be pleased to meet Dr. Mike Sagman, editor of the Dog Food Advisor website.

A dentist who lives in Williamsburg and works in Newport News, Dr. Sagman reviews dog foods and treats, posts product-recall news, and demystifies the world of meat byproducts and dog-food labeling for his readers. His reviews and opinions are unbiased because he accepts neither money nor free samples from pet food manufacturers.

Dr. Sagman launched the Dog Food Advisor site as a passion project after the 2007 loss of his own dog due to his “unquestioned trust of commercial pet food”. The experience was heartbreaking, Dr. Sagman says. “After that, I made it my personal goal to never again let anything like that happen to a dog in my care.  And I I’d like to help you make sure what happened to Penny could never happen to your dog, either.”

Thanks Dr. Sagman. is an excellent resource for all dog lovers.