Pet Safety at Halloween

Keeping your pets safe and healthy on Halloween will help you – and your furry family members – have a great holiday. Here are a few safety tips from the crew at DogServices!

  • Chocolate/Candy – Please remember to keep the candy away from pets! Chocolate is dangerous for dogs (and cats) when ingested, and candies containing xylitol can cause health problems as well.  Other human sweets- like suckers on a stick or hard candies wrapped in plastic – may be a choking hazard or lead to obstruction.
  • Lost pets – It’s a good idea to secure your dog before trick-or-treaters arrive. While your dog may not have a habit of running out the door without you, Halloween brings new challenges with strangers coming to the door, constant doorbell ringing, children yelling, and possible fireworks. Fear, anxiety, or even curiosity may send Fido running, so play it safe and find a way to keep them in. If you own a black cat, please consider keeping them indoors on Halloween as well as the week before/after to avoid pet abduction or foul play.
  •  Jack-o-lanterns – Supervise your pets around any jack-o-lanterns with real candles in them to ensure they don’t get burned investigating, or risk starting a fire by knocking it over!
  • Costume concerns – When choosing a costume for your pet, please consider their comfort. Ideal costumes are not so tight they would constrict breathing or barking. Your pet should be able to move around freely, and you should supervise them while wearing it to prevent them from getting tangled up or trying to eat parts of the costume (which can happen if they are left alone!).
  • Trick-or-treating – Think twice before taking your dog trick-or-treating with you. Regardless of a dog’s usual temperament, the crowds and noise may stir up anxiety or even aggression in dogs. If you decide to take your dog with you, add reflective tape to their costume and leash so others can see them after dark.