Dog Grooming

Our professional Groomer will be happy to give your dog a bath, clip nails, and provide a haircut, brushing, or shave down. To schedule dog grooming services during dog daycare or boarding visits, please include this request with your reservation.  Grooming requests made at drop-off are available only on a first-come first-served basis.

Dog Grooming Policy and Pricing

Proof of Rabies vaccination is required for all dog grooming.

  • Teeth Brushing: $6.00
  • Brush Out only: $6.00 per 15 minutes
  • Power Rinse: $8.00
  • Baths: Range in cost from $35 to $100 depending on animal’s size and fur. This price includes clipping nails and cleaning ears.
  • Furminator bath: Rates vary according to the dog’s size. Please call for more information.
  • Grooming: Rates vary according to dog’s size and cut desired. Please call for more information.

Please contact the Groomer at 358-7877 for DogServices and Little DogServices and at 360-8082 for DogServices West for more details.