DogServices is dedicated to providing the finest dog boarding and dog daycare facilities in Richmond and Glen Allen, Virginia. Founded in 1990 by  local dog trainer Donna Crumpler, the business began when clients started asking her to care for their pets during vacations. In 2007, after 18 successful years, Donna handed over the leash to a group of investors who were (and remain) loyal clients. Since then, DogServices has added a Short Pump location and focused on attracting, developing, and retaining a high-caliber staff of dedicated dog professionals. DogServices focuses every day on safety, cleanliness, client-communication, and tail-wagging dog happiness. Our care is distinguished by 24-hour on-site staffing, dog-behavior evaluations, a 3-point safety check system and more. Visit one of our three locations to find out how DogServices’ experience and expertise can make the difference for you and you dog.

Meet Our Team


Coleen Shockman, Manager at Big DogServices

Upon moving to Richmond in 2009 Coleen joined the DogServices team as a kennel attendant but was quickly promoted to the management team in the same year. After four years with DogServices she briefly left the company in May 2013 to pursue her dream and begin River City Dog Excursions with her business partner. Even though she enjoyed the experience of building something from the ground up she entrusted the operations to her business partner and rejoined the management team in March 2018 and is looking forward to helping DogServices continue to grow and evolve.

Susie Welch, Manager at DogServices West

Susie Welch started her animal career when she started working for an English Springer Spaniel breeder here in Virginia as a kennel attendant and then as Kennel Manager. While working for the kennel she began to train the dogs in agility and obedience. She began to fall in love with agility which started her interest in teach both agility and obedience at All Dog Playskool.

After a year at All Dog Playskool Susie began to work for the Richmond SPCA in the behavior department where she learned a tremendous amount about dog behavior and training.

Prior to coming to DogServices she worked at Spokane Valley Animal Hospital for 7 years before returning to Richmond.

Davida Stamper, Manager at Little Dog Services

Davida started her animal career 5 years ago working for a dog training facility in Virginia. She began her apprenticeship in 2015 working along-side certified dog trainers and after 1 year became certified herself. She also spent time learning dog behavior and body language in a daycare environment. She then started working at a dog daycare/boarding facility in Fredericksburg where she was promoted to Manager within a few months of starting as a kennel technician. Davida began at DogServices in July of 2020 as a receptionist and was promoted to assistant manager of October 2020. Davida loves working with dogs and dreams of opening her own positive reinforcement training facility in the future.

Assistant Managers

To better serve our pets and customers, we have added 3 assistant managers. You may see their smiling faces at any location.

Erin Baker, Assistant Manager Dog Services

Erin Baker has been an avid animal lover since childhood and spent her teenage years in rural southern Virginia rescuing feral kittens and caring for the family’s Labrador Retrievers. In June of 2018, a year after moving to Richmond, she started working in local kennels and soon was promoted to management. Erin joined DogServices and the management team in August and she is beyond excited to bring on her skills and knowledge and to grow with the company! Currently, Erin lives in Old Town Manchester with her cat and two dogs and loves to explore the James with them.

Trey Hedgepeth, Assistant Manager Dog Services

In late 2019, Trey relocated to the Richmond area from southern VA. He worked as a horse trainer from the early age of 14 into his mid-twenties. His love of animals has continued to follow him. Trey joined the management team in March of 2020 while pursuing his passion for dogs. He currently has 3 dogs; a Boykin Spaniel, Golden Retriever, and an Am. Staff. When away from DogServices, Trey enjoys spending time with his partner on their small goat farm and visiting the river with their pups!  He has dreams of starting a rescue specific to bully breeds and expanding their farm.