Our flagship DogServices location at 4800 Thalbro Street in Richmond, near the intersection of Staples Mill Road and Broad Street, caters to medium-size and larger dogs, averaging 35 pounds and up.

We have 20 lots for outdoor play including 1 large K9 grass lot, 6 paved, and 13 gravel lots.  All lots have a shaded area and at least one platform for dogs that prefer to sit off of the ground (others will actually lay under them). On hot days we also have kiddie pools out for dogs to splash around and cool off in. Make sure you sign our pool waiver if you want your dog to have access to a pool! K9 grass is an artificial grass designed specifically for dogs.

We have a very large indoor playroom that is used for multiple things including dog training, playing fetch, and group play when outdoor conditions are not suitable for time outside (snow/ice on ground, intolerable heat index, etc.). We also have a separate room for senior dogs that tends to be quieter.

We rotate guests outside and back in throughout the day to ensure they receive a good balance of playtime and rest. Some of the breeds we care for like labs and retrievers are very high energy and normally LOVE playing fetch or even going for a swim.

Services you can add to your dog’s daycare visit or boarding stay with us include:

  • Bath – including an oatmeal bath for dry skin or furminator bath for heavy shedders
  • Nail Trim
  • Game of fetch
  • One-on-one cuddle time (“TLC”) with a caring staff member

Have a medium-size or big dog and a little dog? No worries! Our flagship DogServices location is only 0.4 miles away from Little DogServices, so you can drop off your fur babies right down the road from each other and be on with your day in no time.

Please call (804) 288-DOGS (3647) for more information or to make a reservation at DogServices, or take a few moments to fill out our reservation form online. All prices and policies apply at each of our three locations. Each facility provides the same high-caliber care that our customers have come to expect at DogServices.

4800 Thalbro Street
Richmond VA 23230