Little DogServices

Walter the dog
Yogi the dog
Dog enjoying time outsideat Little DogServices

Little DogServices

Little DogServices is specially tailored to the little guys, small dogs 30-40 lbs or less and those with short legs such as basset hounds. There are 8 play lots outside will 2 K9 grass lots, and 6 playrooms inside so that dogs get plenty of time for socialization. We have several colorful castles for dogs to play and climb on.

Services you can add to your dog’s daycare visit or boarding stay with us include:

  • Bath – including an oatmeal bath for dry skin or furminator bath for heavy shedders
  • Nail Trim
  • Game of fetch
  • One-on-one cuddle time (“TLC”) with a caring staff member

Have a medium-size or big dog and a little dog? No worries! Little DogServices is only 0.4 miles from our flagship DogServices location so you can drop off your fur babies right down the road from each other and be on with your day in no time.


This location is sometimes referred to as CatServices, or Little Dog & Cat Services, because we also provide boarding services for cats! Don’t worry, our feline guests enjoy a separate space from canine guests. Our cat condos are over six feet tall giving cats multiple play levels and comfortably accommodating two family cats staying together.

Little DogServices is located at 4916 West Marshall Street in Richmond, Virginia. You’ll find us two blocks north of the Willow Lawn shopping center, one block behind Chipotle. We recommend parking in the designated DogServices parking lot beside our building, as street parking is not permitted.

Please call (804) 358-7877 for more information or to make a reservation at Little DogServices (also known as CatServices!), or take a few moments to fill out our reservation form online. All prices and policies apply at each of our three locations. Each facility provides the same high-caliber care that our customers have come to expect at DogServices.

Little DogServices
4916 West Marshall Street
Richmond, VA 23230