Tips for a Tail-Wagging Visit

Front Desk: Our lobby opens at 7:30 am weekdays, 9am Saturdays and closes at 6pm daily. On Sunday we are open from 3pm-6pm for prepaid pickups.

Check-In: We do our best to check you in quickly but please allow 5-10 minutes for arrivals. If this is your first visit, you’ll need to complete our new-client questionnaire. You can streamline the process by printing the form here and filling it out at home before you check in.

Dress Code: Please have your pet leashed or in a carrier at check-in. A standard collar with a clip closure and an I.D. tag is required. Avoid extendable, flexi-leashes and please note that we don’t allow prong collars, choke chains, and martingale collars in our play yards.

Vaccinations: To keep all our guests healthy, we require that all dogs show proof of Bordetella, DHLPPC, and Rabies vaccinations. For cats, we require Distemper and Rabies immunizations. Your vet’s office will be happy to fax this information directly to us (they do it all the time). Just email them your request and include the fax number of the facility you’re visiting. Any new immunizations should be scheduled 14 days prior to arrival to be sure they’ve taken effect.

Flea and Tick Prevention: To keep our facility free of fleas and ticks, please treat your pets with a high-quality flea and tick prevention program. If we happen to find fleas or ticks on your pet during a visit, we’ll contact you to arrange an appropriate treatment plan.

Daily Dose: While many dog care facilities charge extra to give medications, DogServices is happy to administer prescribed medications at no additional charge.

Food and Treats: Please bring your dog’s food for boarding or, if scheduled, during daycare visits. A Ziploc bag, clearly labeled with your dog’s name, feeding times, and portion sizes, works just fine. We’ll provide clean stainless steel bowls for food and fresh water.

Bedding and Toys: We encourage you to take advantage of our complimentary bedding and blankets, which we launder regularly at each site. We do allow your dog to bring a favorite toy (limit 2) and we’ll do our best to keep these items clean and un-shredded. But please remember: Dogs will be dogs. If a special item can’t be replaced, we suggest leaving it at home. We can’t be held liable for lost or damaged items and we don’t want anything to happen to your dog’s favorite lovey-toy.