Your Inner Dog?

What does your dog’s breed say about you? A lot, says Donna Morgan, author of Your Inner Dog (TFH Publications). Over decades of writing about dogs, Morgan noticed a strong connection between breeds and the people that own them. Here, a few inner-dog traits, adapted from her book:

Labrador lovers are friendly, popular, and cheerful. You balance hard work with plenty of play and you’re energetic without losing your essential calm. You throw great parties, love children, and display incredible charm.

Golden Retriever. You’re cheerful, smart, fun loving, and you enjoy people. A good citizen, you have a strong need to serve and help others. When people disappoint you, it’s hard for you to forgive. Practice letting go of the past.

German Shepherd.  You’re outgoing, direct, practical, and fearless, with sense of right and wrong that leaves little room for gray areas. Orderly and efficient; you choose friends carefully but often see goodness where others don’t. Your authoritarian streak may make you quick to anger. People admire your directness and self-confidence.

Labradoodle and Goldendoodle. Designer dog owners are original, creative, and love an intellectual challenge. Kindhearted and generous, you sometimes have trouble reading people and may be too trusting. You have a lively intellect and tremendous creative potential. You may be trying to keep up with the Jones’ without realizing how much you already have.

Dachshund: Persistent, focused, and accomplished, you have immense faith in yourself and may come across as sharp or brash, even when you don’t mean to be. Patience is not your strong suit but you are fun loving and people-oriented. You’re protective of the people you love and would sacrifice anything for them.

Bichon: Outwardly conservative and overly intellectual, you have a talent for attracting wealth but you’re more interested in what your money can do to support your favorite causes. The environment is likely one of them.

Yorkie: You’re strikingly beautiful and love being pampered. While some consider you frivolous and delicate, you’re extremely competitive and don’t mind mixing it up with the big guys. You can be slow to warm to strangers, but you’re loyal. Your friends tend to be unlike you in age, gender, and social background.

Beagle: You’re congenial and charming and get along with just about everyone. Motivated by your dreams and ideals, you’re interested in serving others. Slow to judge, you sometimes find it difficult to make decisions. You love team sports, entertaining, and, of course, peanuts (the snack and the cartoon).

Mixed-breed mutts: Compassionate, genuine, and pure, you look beneath the surface to find true value. You never set out to be a leader; still, you attract followers. Broad-minded and imaginative, you have plenty of common sense, a rare combination. Most important is your humanity: While pure bred dogs may be rescues, too, you’re the owner who’s most likely to have adopted your dog from a shelter.