Making Merry with Pets in Mind

Christmas and New Year’s holiday fun can pose specific hazards for pets.  Keep them safe and happy with these holiday reminders from our DogServices staff:   

Glorious Food:  Holiday table food can make your dog sick. Turkey and steak bones are especially dangerous for dogs because they can splinter and causes choking or internal puncture wounds. Remind guests and children, so everybody who’s celebrating with you this season knows that people-food is off limits to your pup. 

Sniffing out the….Garbage!  When it’s full of table scraps, kitchen garbage is deliciously tempting for your dog. Secure with a lid or place garbage bin on the counter, above snout level, until you can dispose of it safely.

Escape Artists:  As party guests come and go, pets can slip out the door. Be vigilant when you’re hosting and consider boarding or crating your pet on party night. Now is also a good time to implant a microchip in your pet, if you haven’t already done so.

Flickering Flames:  Wagging tails and candles do not mix. Don’t place lit candles on coffee tables or dog-high surfaces. Sniffing noses can get singed, too. Do your dog a favor and limit candles to the mantle or dining room table. 

Plant Poisons:  Holly, mistletoe, and poinsettia plants are poisonous to dogs.  Keep them out of snouts’ reach and tell family members—especially children—about this danger.

Feed, Walk, Repeat:  Your dog counts on regular meals and exercise, just like you do.  Maintain feeding and walk schedule to keep pets calm and happy over the holidays. 

No Drinking, Please:  Never-never-never, ever give your dog alcohol. We hope this goes without saying—but it’s worth repeating.